About the Norwegian Chemical Society

Welcome to the homepage of The Norwegian Chemical Society!

The information on these pages will mainly be in Norwegian. Below you will find some information in English. For more information please contact «Hovedstyret» (the main board).

The Norwegian Chemical Society (NKS) was founded in 1893. The objective of the society is to promote the interest and understanding of chemistry and chemical technology with respect to teaching and research. The society also represents norwegian chemists ininternational fora.

The activities in NKS for the most part take place in the local branches and in the professional divisions. There are currently seven local branches and ten professional divisions. The local branches arrange meetings and excursions. The professional divisions organize a number of scientific seminars, exhibitions and meetings.

The NKS board of directors (hovedstyret) is composed of representatives from the local branches of the society and is headed by the president. The secretary general is responsible for conducting the daily activities of the society.

«Hovedstyret» is responsible for issues of importance for the society, such as contacts with international and national organizations as well as governmental agencies. It also organizes national meetings (landsmøtet) and the yearly lecture series: Hassel lecture and Industry lecture. In order to attend to specific issues,task groups and committees are organized. At the moment there are committees working with issues related to chemical nomenclature, media relations, teaching and internet profiling.

NKS has an interest in the periodical, KJEMI and has made an agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry in England on incorporation of Acta Chemica Scandinavica into Perkin Transactions 1, Perkin Transactions 2 og Dalton Transactions. NKS members are encouraged to publish in these journals.

NKS represents norwegian chemists in Norway and abroad. The activities are based on voluntary contribution by the members.

NKS membership may be obtained by contacting hovedstyret, the local branches or the professional divisions. The annual membership fee  includes the subscription of the periodical KJEMI.

NKS is a member of IUPAC, International Union for Pure & Applied Chemistry, and EuChemS,  the European Chemical Society.