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The 18th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis will be held in Copenhagen, August 26-28, 2018.
See www.conferencemanager.dk/ NSC2018 for more info.

The Catalysis group will participate in the National Chemistry Meeting, October 16th-17th 2018!
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International representation

Members of the board function as Norwegian representatives in the Nordic Catalysis Society and in the European Federation of Catalyst Societies.

Nordic Catalysis Society arrangerer det nordiske katalysesymposiet (f. eks. i Trondheim i mai 2006) , og arrangerer sommerskoler for unge forskere. Nordisk Sommerskole i Katalyse ble arrangert i Norge juni 1999. Arrangør var prof. Anders Holmen ved NTNU i Trondheim.

The Nordic Catalysis Society is organizer of the Nordic Catalysis Symposium (last held in Gothenburg in 2008, and summer schools for young researchers. The Nordic Summerschool on Catalysis was last held in Jülich Germany, August 27-31 2007.

European Federation of Catalyst Societies is the organizer of the biannual Europacat conferences.


About the Catalysis Group

The Catalysis group

The Catalysis Group of the Norwegian Chemical Society was founded in 1990 and encompasses homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, reactor technology, organometallic chemistry, and metal complex chemistry. The objective of the group is to contribute to increased interest for these subjects and to boost cross disciplinary collaboration within the field. The group is national, and all those who are interest in these topics are invited to join.

Contact us!
Send an e-mail to the chairman, stian.svelle [at] kjemi.uio.no.

Annual meeting and catalysis symposium

The main activity for the Catalysis Group is the annual meeting and the Norwegian catalysis symposium. This symposium is the only scientific forum for everyone involved in the field in Norway. On going research and industrial activities are presented at this meeting, which is organized every fall, albeit not in a year where both the European and Nordic symposia are also held. The symposia are usually held over two days, and a foreign distinguished plenary speaker is invited. Links to past programs and minutes can be found to the left.


The group has about 100 registered members. A membership in the Norwegian Chemical Society warrants membership in one of the topic specialized groups (such as the Catalysis Group). Information on how to become a member may be found by contacting the Norwegian Chemical Society or the chairman of the Catalysis Group.

Award for best PhD thesis

The group awards a prize for the best Norwegian PhD thesis within the field of catalysis. Previous winners are:

2011: Li He from NTNU for the thesis "Sorption Enhanced Steam Reforming of Biomass-derived Compounds: Process and Material".
2012: Francesca Lønstad Bleken from UiO for the thesis "The methanol-to-hydrocarbons process: Towards fundamental understanding by one-parameter studies".
2017: Sigurd Øien-Ødegaard from UiO for the thesis "Preparation, structure and reactivity of functionalized zirconium metal-organic frameworks".

Popular science

One of the objectives of the Catalysis Group is to inform society about our scientific activities and to highlight chemical technology through popular scientific communication. Articles about catalysis may be found in the periodical of the Norwegian Chemical Society (KJEMI) and young ph.d. students and post docs are encouraged to write about their projects in KJEMI.

The statutes are given in Norwegian only.

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