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One of the main activities of the catalysis group of the Norwegian chemical society is to organize the Norwegian catalysis symposium. Below is a list of venues, programs, and minutes of the symposia held since the foundation of the catalysis group in 1990. This symposium is the only scientific forum for everyone involved in the field in Norway. On going research and industrial activities are presented at this meeting, which is organized every fall, albeit not in a year where both the European and Nordic symposia are also held.

In addition to these meetings, the catalysis group and/or the members of the board of the catalysis group have participated in the organization of several other meetings. A list is given below.

List of Norwegian catalysis symposia

  • 1st Norwegian catalysis symposium - Langesund, June 14.-15. 1993


    Plenary speaker: Bernhard Rieger, University of Tübingen.

    langesund-700 (82K)
    Participants at the first Norwegian catalysis symposium. (Click for big picture)
  • 2nd Norwegian catalysis symposium - Rotvoll/Trondheim, December 6.-7. 1994


  • 3rd Norwegian catalysis symposium - PFI/Oslo, November 9.-10. 1995

    1995-program    Minutes - Kjemi 10/1995

    Plenary speaker: Jaques Vedrine, IRC Lyon

  • 4th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Rotvoll/Trondheim, October 9.-10. 1996

    1996-program    Minutes - Kjemi 1/1997

    Plenary speaker: Mike Bowker, University of Reading

  • 5th Norwegian catalysis symposium - PFI/Oslo, October 8.-9. 1997

    1997-program    Minutes - Kjemi 1/1998

    Plenary speaker: Ostoja Starzewski, Bayer AG

  • 6th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Sandefjord, October 25.-26. 1999

    1999-program.    Minutes - Kjemi 10/1999

    Plenary speaker: Rutger A. van Santen, TU Eindhoven

  • 7th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Gløshaugen/Trondheim, November 27.-28. 2001

    2001-program    Minutes - Kjemi 4/2002

    Plenary speaker: Ferruccio Trifirò, University of Bologna

  • 8th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Hafjell, November 28. 2002

    2002-program.pdf   Minutes - Kjemi 1/2003

    Plenary speaker: Bert Weckhuysen, University of Utrecht

  • 9th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Bergen, November 20.-21. 2003

    2003-program.pdf   Minutes - Kjemi 1/2004

    Plenary speaker: Jens Nørskov, DTU

  • 10th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Forskningsparken/Oslo, October 23.-24. 2007

    2007-program.pdf   Minutes - Kjemi 2/2008

    Plenary speaker: Jacob A. Moulijn, TU Delft

  • 11th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Realfagbygget/Trondheim, November 30.-December 1. 2009

    2009-program.pdf   Minutes

    Plenary speakers: Ferdi Schüth, Max-Planck Institute, Mülheim, Germany and Gabor Somorjai, University of California at Berkeley.

  • 12th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Hotel Terminus/Bergen, November 29.-30. 2010

    2010-program.pdf  Minutes

    Plenary speakers: Herbert Plenio, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany and Gadi Rothenberg, Universiteit van Amsterdam.

  • 13th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Norwegian Trade Fair/Lillestrøm, September 28.-29. 2011

    2011-program.pdf   Minutes

    Plenary speaker: Anders Holmen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

  • 14th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Realfagbygget/Trondheim, December 1.-2. 2013


    Plenary Speakers: Bert Weckhuysen, University of Utrecht, Netherlands, Magnus Skoglundh, Competence Centre for Catalysis, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, David Waller, Yara Technology Centre.

  • 15th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Hotel Terminus/Bergen, December 3.-4. 2015

    2015-program.pdf    Minutes

    Plenary Speakers: Michael North - University of York and Andrei Y. Khodakov - University of Lille

  • 16th Norwegian catalysis symposium - Hurdalsjøen Hotel, November 6.-7. 2017


    Plenary Speakers:
    Prof. Enrique Iglesia - University of California, Berkeley
    Prof. Graham Hutchings - Cardiff Catalysis Institute
    Prof. Alessandra Beretta - Polytecnico di Milano

List of other meetings organized by the catalysis group and/or the members of the board of the catalysis group

1991: 4th Nordic catalysis symposium, Trondheim October 3.-4.

1992: 2nd symposium on reaction of hydrocarbons with metal atoms, clusters and solids, Oslo May 26.-27.

1998: 8th Nordic catalysis symposium, Oslo June 7.-9.

2006: 12th Nordic catalysis symposium, Trondheim May 28.-30.

2014: NSC2014 - 16th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis, Oslo June 15.17. Minutes (pdf)

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