10. Norske Polymer- og kolloidvitenskapelige Vårmøte

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Etternavn Fornavn Foredrag tittel Foredrag
Amann Mathias Formation Kinetics of Poly Ion Complexes Studied by Time-Resolved SAXS 10 20 
Bandyopadhyay Sulalit Mapping volume phase properties of multiresponsive nanogels. 11 20
Bjørnestad Victoria Ariel Liposomes as a model system for the study of surface active peptides 2 20
Christensen Mikkel Killingmoe Polymersomes based on block copeptides 8c 5
Hiorth Marianne The potential of nanoparticles as a salivary substitute 6 20
Lund Reidar Dynamics of Nanocrystalline Micelles and Hydrogels 5 20
Mo Ingrid Vikøren Polysaccharide conjugates: End modification of polysaccharides to form block copolymers for novel biomaterials 4 20
Myhre Synne Interactions between anionic surfactants and polymeric micelles: stability and solubilisation kinetics 12 20
Nielsen Josefine Eilsøe Probing the Interaction between Antimicrobial Peptides and Model Biomembranes using  Small-Angle Scattering Techniques 3 20
Raghunathan Karthik Multifunctional Hydrogel – Synthesis, optimization, functionalization and application. 13 20
Riccardi Enrico Kinetics of rare events: approaches and a new developed software, PyRETIS 7 20
Sletmoen Marit Studies of glycan-based interactions using sensitive force probes and glycan microarrays  20
Sørensen Henrik Vinter Conjugated Alginates 8d 5
Stornes Morten Polyelectrolyte-nanoparticle complexation studied by Monte Carlo simulations 9 20
Aarøen Ola A Multidisciplinary Approach to Characterize Coalescence in Petroemulsions 8a  5

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